About us

Metal-VM Ltd. specializes in series production of metal and nonmetal                                                

workpieces, assemblies, units, equipment and machinery.

Thanks to the wide variety of manufactured workpieces and gained

experience, we can take pride in the enviable quality of our production and our satisfied customers.



We know that the most important thing for our customers is the quality. The quality here is controlled

at three levels – when receiving the material in our base, during the actual manufacturing process, both

from the staff and the 'Technical control division' and before the delivery of the finished product.


From our own experience, we know that in order for our customers to be satisfied, the quality alone is not enough.

The price of the products is also important. That is why our machines are well-chosen, not by

their price, but by their productivity. For most of our production, we manufacture specialized

tooling in order to reduce the production costs to a minimum and this way we can

achieve the desired price for our customers.


We are proud of the extremely short deadlines we can offer for mass production and we would

never let a short deadline affect the quality of the product.